My fellow Residents of District 56:

I am a small-business owner, a healthcare provider, a farmer and an active community leader with numerous political engagements. This year, I am your candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates from district 56.

Please allow me to share a few details about what makes me a well-suited candidate to be the Republican Party nominee for the House of Delegates.  With my successful entrepreneurship endeavors, strong family values, active engagement in social causes and political affairs and my countless life lessons, I am confident that I can be your voice and serve you well as representative.

28 years ago, I came to this great nation for higher education with only seventeen-dollars in my pocket. For 3 years, I worked in a cafeteria washing dishes and making minimum wage –  $3.35 per hour at that time – to fully support my family while pursuing my Ph.D. I worked long and I worked hard to accomplish my goals and realize my dreams. Following my doctorate degree, I made the  life-changing decision to attend dental school.  Four years later, I graduated with honors from the Medical College of Virginia School of Dentistry at the same time that my eldest child graduated from high-school.  Today, I own two thriving dental practices, am the father of two successful children and a husband of 36 years to an incredible, supportive wife.

As a dentist, I strive to help the community both socially and professionally and frequently provide subsidized or free care for those in need.  I have also been a loyal member of the Republican Party for over 15 years and have volunteered tirelessly throughout the greater Richmond area to support party ideals. I have served on many state and county boards including the following:

  • Virginia Board of Dentistry
  • Medical Cost Peer review Committee of the VA Workers Compensation Commission
  • Virginia Asian Advisory Board
  • Henrico County Mental Health Board
  • Henrico County Transportation Safety Commission
  • Asian American advisory Board

The following points also underscore my unique experience to bring much-wanted, much-needed legislative change:

  1.  Ourgovernment is already full of excellent legal representation. However, tackling the complicated topic of healthcare requires the insight of a well-informed healthcare professional. This is currently lacking and it is exactly what I will bring to the table. As a healthcare provider, former member of the Board of Dentistry and an assistant professor in our state dental school, I have personally seen what over-regulation and lack of competition have done to the cost of care. I hope to work towards eliminating restrictive states lines when it comes to healthcare and help provide affordable medical and dental options for you, the taxpayer.
  1. Our budget is continuously growing without any scrutiny and effort to cut wasteful spending in government programs including Medicaid and welfare. I will work towards eliminating our state income tax by minimizing unnecessary spending.
  1. As an owner of two small farms, I understand the need to reduce regulations that burden landowners and farmers. Reducing the EPA’s presence on your property is also one of my main areas of focus.

Most know that I am not one to distract with charming talks or elaborate speeches but instead am a straight shooter who works hard  to gets things done. My actions have always spoken louder than my words but both have always been in harmony. Therefore, you can rest-assured that as your next Delegate, I will be someone you can trust, someone who will fight for you and someone who will lead by example.  I will be the honest, ethical and hardworking delegate that you deserve.

I hope to win your support and humbly request your vote.

Warmest Regards,

Surya P. Dhakar, DDS

The Entrepreneurial Leadership is Needed for the Issues that District 56 and Virginia are Facing

The Right Leader, The Right Solution.

“It is truly an American dream fulfilled that I am here before you as a candidate for the House of Delegates from District 56!”

A Leader in the Community

Dr. Dhakar is more than just an active member in the community – he is a leader, working to make Henrico and the Greater Richmond area a better place to live.

He has served as the Treasurer of the Board of Directors of The Family Foundation of Virginia.

He has also served on the Board of the University of Virginia’s College of Arts and Sciences Benefactors Society.

Dr. Dhakar has been very active in the Republican Party for more than 20 years, including numerous Virginia campaigns, and is a member of the Henrico County Republican Committee.

A Successful Entrepreneur and Small Businessman Who Creates Jobs

Dr. Dhakar is an entrepreneur and small businessman who knows what it’s like to start and run a small business.

Understanding Our Community and Its Values

Dr. Dhakar understands the issues that are facing families today. He and his wife of 36 years, Mrs. Alka Dhakar, have lived in Henrico County for more than 21 years. Alka is…

Surya and Alka have raised two children together and have growing family with 2 grandkids: Aditya Dhakar, and Aditi Dhakar, both are Godwin Henrico High School & VCU MCV Medical graduates.
Surya Dhakar is a VCU MCV graduate, where he graduated With Honors as a Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS) and is a passionate farmer owning two farms for a number of years now.